Quality Service & Peak Demand

When Massachusetts has a tax-free weekend, count on hundreds of people storming through the doors of Westborough, Massachusetts-based power equipment dealer, Boston Lawnmower. There's one brand that typically flies off of the shelves during such an event: Ariens.

The tax-free weekend usually takes place in August and aligns perfectly with Boston Lawnmower's preparation for the winter season. At the beginning of the month, the showroom floor transitions from lawn and garden equipment to rows of snow blowers and power brushes, 80 percent of which is dedicated to Ariens and Gravely products.

"Ariens and Gravely are really popular brands around here because they're known for quality and durability," said Tricia Campero, marketing manager at Boston Lawnmower. "Ariens Sno-Thros are one of our biggest sellers, and we devote a lot of time to working with AriensCo. They are great partners and always looking to help us grow our own business. Of course, having a great product is the key."

Campero said she has an Ariens snow blower from the 1960s that she still uses to this day, and when she's out clearing the sidewalks of snow during the winter, she sees about 90 percent of her neighbors and local businesses using Ariens equipment.

But, contrary to what the rest of the country might think, Massachusetts isn't always buried in snow. Boston Lawnmower kicks off its lawn and garden season in mid-March with a commercial open house. Then the focus switches to commercial lawn mowers and power brushes, among other Ariens and Gravely products.

"We usually invite the landscapers and municipalities who are gearing up for spring cleanup and the summer season to come in and talk with the AriensCo reps at this time," Campero said. "We also have raffles and giveaways that the company offers. People are very excited to check out the newest products from Ariens and Gravely and they are always a big hit."

Residents and commercial businesses aren't only buying new equipment, they are relying on Boston Lawnmower to provide superior service, such as maintenance and repair, from the company's eight certified technicians. The high-end, white-glove service that Boston Lawnmower prides itself on sets the company apart from other dealers in the region. The company also provides training to its customers on how to properly handle Ariens and Gravely equipment. "It's a more personalized shopping experience that you just don't see at big box stores," Campero said.

The level of service stems from years of experience. Boston Lawnmower has been around since 1997, but its history reaches as far back as the 1950s when owner Donald Satterfield's father started developing a relationship with AriensCo. Since then, Ariens and Gravely have always remained the dealer's go-to brands.

"People pass them down through their families for years because they're so durable," Campero said. "And, with the type of weather that we get here in Massachusetts, Ariens and Gravely products are the ones that stand the test of time!"

By Matthew Greenfield

09/11/2018 | Quality Service & Peak Demand

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