AriensCo is launching a new service division to dramatically improve its after-purchase parts and service support for dealers and professional end-users: RapidCare. It's a completely new part of the AriensCo business that is wholly focused on providing the best support the industry has ever seen. It's a brand new strategy in the industry and one that is sure to change it permanently.

The organizational strength of this new division comes from combining a number of existing departments, including service part operations, supply chain planning and fulfillment, product support and warranty. Coupled with the strengths of the departments, the enhanced capabilities of training, sustained engineering, strategic sourcing and in-field support will prove beneficial to customers. The new division of AriensCo is going to improve parts supply and availability, provide technical expertise, increase machine uptime and enhance customer service.

"This is an exciting time for AriensCo and our dealers because there's nothing else like this in the market," said Tom Wright, senior vice president of RapidCare. "We're going to get machines up and running quicker than ever before, and we're going to set a new industry standard while we're at it."

The value of RapidCare lies in its ability to provide better customer service for both dealers and professional end-users. Dealers will see an impact with the increase in skill level of their service technicians and fewer direct calls about out-of-service machines. And professional end-users will see a more immediate impact in RapidCare's ability to help keep equipment operating and in improved response times to repair requests.

By creating an entirely new division solely focused on supporting dealers and professional end-users, the company can better optimize its order log to match common seasonal issues. For example, a dealer can call RapidCare and speak with a specialist who has access to customized part supply that reflects common problems professional end-users encounter. This will increase uptime for professional end-users, which in turn, helps boost their return on investment.

A big supporting tool to RapidCare is the new Francis Ariens Service School, which was established to provide hands-on education and training to dealers' service technicians and RapidCare product support technicians. By attending the new service school, service technicians will learn the skills needed to ensure our customers have safe and reliable Ariens and Gravely equipment with the highest uptime in the industry.

"I think RapidCare is going to be a huge win for everyone associated with AriensCo," said Larry Weyers, group president of AriensCo. "By improving machine uptime, dealers will become more efficient and landscapers will see improved profits. I'm excited for the future of the RapidCare network and AriensCo."

By Matthew Greenfield

09/11/2018 | RapidCare

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