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People in the lawn and garden industry know that success should never be coasted upon. It’s a competitive field, and continuous improvement is the key to staying ahead of the game.

It's in this spirit that Gravely is introducing an update to its popular Pro-Stance and Pro-Turn Z mower ranges, and introducing a new mower, the Pro-Turn MACH ONE. The Gravely design and engineering team has instilled features in all mowers that will increase performance, efficiency and comfort on the job site.

“Our mower design and engineering is constantly evolving,” said Trae Humphreys, AriensCo senior product manager. “So in the case of the Pro-Stance range, we have made design changes that will improve performance and comfort in the field. With the Pro-Turn Z series, we’re introducing an update that could improve engine life, as well as a new deck size. And with the new MACH ONE, a unique tunnel deck design excels at cutting heavy, thick grass.”

Improvements to the new Pro-Stance line will enable users to work more efficiently and more comfortably than ever before. These stand-on mowers have grown in popularity, and with that growth comes a design focus that brings operator ease-of-use to the forefront.


A simplified design has reduced the complexity of the machine, which now features a one-piece chassis. It’s lighter than previous models, and the operator position has been moved forward by three inches and leans the operator more into the machine, lowering its center of gravity. These changes improve handling and stability, making the Pro-Stance more nimble on the job site. Operators will particularly notice improved hill holding performance.

“Our Pro-Stance had always done well on hills, but it was critical in the new machine that we improved on that design because many of our customers use stand-on mowers in hilly areas,” Humphreys said.

Back by popular demand is a speed control bar, which is adjustable and sets a maximum speed on the machine to aid both beginner and seasoned operators. The bar can be locked in positions that allow the maximum forward range of the steering control levers to be customizable to operators’ preferences — a feature akin to
the volume limit on smartphones. The Pro-Stance’s speeds have also been increased.

With user experience in mind, a new height-of-cut system adds a push button deck release integration into the lift handle, enabling the deck to be easily released from its transport lock position after cutting height adjustments are made. Additionally, a new tool holder accessory has been made available to secure string trimmers, buckets and backpack blowers to the unit. The Pro-Stance series features Kawasaki FS, FX and FT EFI engines, and comes in a 36, 48, 52, 60 and a new 32-inch deck size.

The Pro-Turn MACH ONE is made for cutting challenging lawns. It’s a highoutput mower that can handle large amounts of thick, wet grass. Users in the Southeast, for example, will find this mower ideal for cutting St. Augustine and Bahia grass in spring conditions. 

“With the blades set back and a large tunnel area for clippings to move freely without intersecting the other blades as it travels through the deck ensures a clean cut with even dispersion,” Humphreys said.

That unique tunnel deck design directs clippings away from the blades to help reduce chances for the deck to become bogged down, reducing clumping. The blades are set back 4 inches from the leading edge, which enables grass to recover before being cut, and a 1.5-inch blade overlap reduces potential for streaking.


The deck on the Pro-Turn MACH ONE is constructed from 7-gauge steel and has a 60-inch cutting width that features CBT (Constant Belt Technology) to ensure a consistent cut quality throughout the life of its belt. The Pro-Turn MACH ONE features a Kawasaki FX 31-horsepower engine, a 13-gallon fuel tank capacity, and a pair of Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 transaxles that give the unit a maximum forward speed of 13 mph. Users will appreciate its full suspension seat, as well as its 5-year, 1,250-hour warranty. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve our products at Gravely, and we always listen to what our customers want and need in their mowers,” Humphreys said. “The MACH One and the Pro-Turn Z are great examples. We’ve redesigned them with our customers in mind, and we know that they will be able to be more efficient and more comfortable on the job site.”

The Pro-Turn Z series is also getting upgrades, including a new canister-style air filtration system being introduced across the range. This system cleans the air coming into the engine more effectively, improving the filtering of dust, debris and small particles into the engine, which can help extend the engine’s life. For previous generation Pro-Turn Z models with panel-style air filtration, a conversion kit is now available for owners to easily upgrade to the canister filtration system.

As a response to customer demand, Gravely is also introducing a 48-inch deck size to the Pro-Turn Z, adding to its 52-inch and 60-inch models. Some customers prefer the smaller size of the 48-inch deck and requested that
Gravely offer it. Additionally, Gravely is extending the engine’s warranty to 4 years and 750 hours to match the mower warranty.


“In addition to adding new mowers to our product lineups, we are also constantly looking at how we can improve our current ranges,” Humphreys said.


01/20/2020 | American Evolution

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