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Miron Construction Co., Inc. had a challenge on its hands. The Neenah, Wisconsin-based company has an increasing need for flexible work vehicles for a variety of applications surrounding its large-scale construction projects, including loading and unloading materials and transporting tools and workers around jobsites. But back in 2014, there was no surefire solution that was both reliable and economical.

"AriensCo saw the equipment we were using at the time and how it didn't quite meet our needs," said Pete Klosterman, vice president of field services for Miron. "It had been working on new Gravely job site vehicles (JSVs) at the time and asked us to test them out for a few years to see how they performed."

The Gravely JSVs were an instant hit on the job site. Miron began using six units on a few of its projects, using them to haul equipment, materials and more. The Gravely units have worked out so well, in fact, that the company has increased the size of its fleet from six to 17 over the last three years, with models including the Atlas JSV 3000, Atlas JSV 3000 diesel, Atlas JSV 6000 and Atlas JSV 6000 diesel.

"The Gravely vehicles that we use on job sites have vastly helped us improve work efficiencies," Klosterman said. "Our guys are able to haul whatever they need directly out to where they are working without having to physically carry heavy equipment and have the hassle of making multiple trips."

Gravely Atlas JSVs are known for their dependability and versatility. With a bed carrying capacity of 1,250 pounds and total weight capacity of nearly 2,000 pounds, the all-steel cargo beds ensure that they hold up under pressure.

Miron uses the vehicles to haul cement mix and metal ties around job sites. It currently has a fleet working at the Titletown site in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where they use the vehicles to transport equipment and workers across the park while navigating through crowds.

While Miron has other brands of vehicles in its fleet, Klosterman said that the Gravely brand holds true to what it is known for—namely exceptional quality and durability in the face of tough job site conditions. He highlights the reliability of the units' suspension systems and cargo beds as evidence, and says that they require far less maintenance than other companies' products.

"We use them for everything and put them through a variety of strenuous applications," Klosterman said. "Some of them look brand new and others look like they've been through World War III. They're quick and nimble machines that are well designed and get the job done in the best way possible."

By Damian Joseph

09/11/2018 | Applications Rising

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