Reaching the Zenith

AriensCo has rolled out a new zero-turn lawnmower in Europe, the Ariens Zenith™, following significant demand in the region for a larger cutting machine. Ariens zero-turn lawnmowers have slowly built a reputation of providing a quality cut at a quicker pace, and Ariens saw an opportunity to expand its lineup in Europe.

The machine is modeled after a similar Gravely product that is sold in the United States. Welded into the DNA of the Ariens Zenith™ zero-turn mower is the power and performance needed for commercial applications. This machine is built for landscape contractors who maintain parks, sports fields and private estates that have a few acres of property to manage.

Matt Wilson, U.K. sales manager at AriensCo, said that the company has not had a commercial zero-turn lawnmower available in Europe for several years, though Ariens has sold riding mowers for homeowners in the region since the brand first launched overseas in 2010 and has built a lineup of three models. With the European zero-turn lawnmower market growing about 30 percent to 40 percent annually, Ariens seeks to serve the growing market by adding its first commercial zero-turn. Wilson said that the results have been positive so far with a number of machines already being pre-sold.

"We went through the testing phase for the Zenith™ with demo models for some of our dealers and end users, and everyone said the machine performed sensationally," Wilson said. "The positive feedback we received has us very optimistic for the future of this product and what it means to have a machine of this caliber in the European market."

With a 60-inch (152 centimeter) cutting deck with superior aerodynamics, the Zenith™ gives users a quality cut while working more efficiently. This versatile machine offers side discharge, mulching capabilities, enhanced speed, convenience and comfort. It also features a durable, 10-gauge steel deck that is designed with a 14 centimeter (5.5 inch) depth, providing optimal airflow in all mowing conditions for professional cutting performance. It has a self-adjusting belt tension technology that helps reduce maintenance by keeping belt tension constant, which maximizes belt life, minimizes wear and maintains a consistent, quality cut.

Exploring the Benefits of the Zenith™ Series

  • A Kawasaki® FX Engine Workhorse has a four-stroke, v-twin design with commercial canister air filtration to ensure maximum power and torque.
  • Transmission from high-efficiency, commercial transaxles deliver responsive control.
  • A plush, high-back seat with vibration isolation provides all-day comfort.
  • Foldable Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) comes standard for operator safety.



05/09/2019 | Reaching the Zenith

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