No Limits

Ariens has a rich history of delivering cutting-edge outdoor power equipment designs — 90 years, to be exact.

To celebrate reaching such a momentous milestone, the Ariens team has created the APEX Limited Edition zero-turn lawn mower. This limited run is only available at Ariens dealers and is a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

You’ll find no similarities to the ghosts of lawn mowers in the APEX Limited Edition. The goal was to create a mower that represents the full force of nearly a century’s experience in cutting-edge engineering. Its strikingly modern design is a combination of distinct styling and premium features.

“We wanted to design a machine to honor our past, etch our present and chart our future,” said Andy Massignan, product director for residential lawn at AriensCo. “The vision and execution of this machine is unique. Every single detail mattered to the point of obsession. The result is a one-of-a-kind mower ready to impress the next generations of property owners.”

The APEX Limited Edition’s bold design is immediately impressive, with a paint scheme and graphics not seen on previous Ariens designs. Most Ariens lawn mowers are decked out in a traditional and instantly recognizable orange color — that trademark orange is still represented in this edition; however, it appears as an accent to a predominantly white and black color scheme. It’s a paint job that quickly catches the eye and tells the world you’re serious about your lawn.

Premium graphics also set this mower apart from the crowd. An Ariens 90th anniversary badge seals the mower firmly in 2023. Perhaps its most striking feature is the engineering drawings sprawled across the mower’s front-facing decals in the form of intricate, reflective line work.

“The engineering graphics give a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes. It represents the people who create the products and the blueprint that leads to creating the real thing,” said Julia Degregory, an industrial designer at AriensCo.

These drawings also spread across a limited-edition seat that features a wide base, high-back cushions and armrests for extra comfort and a secure ride. The seat is isolated — a set of vibration-absorbing dampers work to smooth out bumpy rides and engine pulsations, for a more comfortable mowing experience.

Aggressive rear tires accentuate the APEX Limited Edition’s modern design, with deep treads to keep mowers moving confidently on all surfaces. A USB port delivers power for phones or other accessories, which can be stowed in the mower’s secure storage area.

A rubber floor mat — only available in this edition — lends a premium feel, with more secure footing, vibration dampening and cushioning comfort. Custom molded and branded handgrips are focused on operator comfort, with ergonomics considered down to the last dimple.

The APEX Limited Edition features the Ariens ENVY elite cutting system, which utilizes a commercial-style deck, and is 5 1/2” deep to optimize airflow and quality of cut. It’s constructed from 10-gauge steel for durability. Combined with a powerful Kawasaki engine that represents the best in its class, riders can rest assured that this limited-edition zeroturn mower can handle any job that is thrown at it.

“At its core, the APEX Limited Edition is a machine for everyone for everyday use, capable of handling the punishment from a large property. Taken a bit further, an owner who meticulously cares for their equipment like a member of their own family will get the most out of this machine. It’s for someone who is as obsessed as we are about the details,” Massignan said. “We’re producing a limited quantity for a limited amount of time. Buy yours while you still can!”

12/01/2023 | No Limits

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