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The landscaping industry is built on relationships. Landscaping companies that trust their local dealer are better able to make quick decisions for the parts and servicing of their equipment fleets, knowing that their dealer will provide them with the guidance and support they need to help them grow.

AriensCo launched Henry’s Parts and Equipment (Henry’s), a new aftermarket parts brand that enables trusted AriensCo dealers to provide parts options to their customers that use multiple equipment brands. Henry’s delivers high-quality parts that fit a wide variety of makes and models, including the most wearable parts that landscapers most often need to replace (see sidebar).

Henry’s serves dealers through a direct-to-dealer model, and all current Ariens and Gravely dealers are automatically eligible to stock Henry’s parts. Since September, dealers have been able to place orders for Henry’s parts and expect 48-hour delivery times from a central warehouse, free freight for orders over $150, one-year parts warranties and same-day shipping.

“We launched Henry’s to create a one-stop-shop for all of our dealers’ and landscaping customers’ parts needs,” said Stephen Ariens, vice president of Henry's. “By providing a service that can supply parts for nearly any brand of outdoor power equipment, we can help landscapers become more efficient. They can work with their trusted dealer for all their parts and service needs, which streamlines the number of transactions and suppliers they must manage. More importantly, they can work with a single dealer-supplier that they know and trust.”

The name “Henry’s Parts and Equipment” was inspired by AriensCo Founder Henry Ariens. He helped start the company in 1933, along with other members of the Ariens family. His emphasis on innovation and strong customer service, delivered through trusted business relationships, continues to this day, underpinning the launch of this new aftermarket parts service.

As the outdoor power equipment industry contends with private equity buyouts, corporate mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and rebranding, for example, Henry’s seeks to maintain a sense of community. Landscapers work with their trusted dealers, and dealers work with their trusted AriensCo partners.

“Henry’s isn’t just another place to buy a part — it’s about providing a marketplace for our community of dealers and landscapers,” Ariens said. “They can trust in the fact that they are buying high-quality parts from a company that wants to support them over the long term and help them grow their own business. Our goal is to provide a service that makes parts-buying easier and more efficient, and gives dealers and landscapers more peace of mind. From customer service to sales, we pride ourselves on our ability to build and maintain relationships and create a familial atmosphere that makes it easy to do business.”

What's on sale?

Henry’s Parts and Service stocks the most “wearable” parts for a variety of brands and types of outdoor power equipment, as well as tools and other accessories. This includes:
  • Belts and blades
  • Spark plugs and engine components 
  • Clutches and carburetors
  • Tires and wheels
  • Lubricants, oils and fuel lines
  • String trimmer linePull-line rope
  • Industry-specific tools and electronics

12/01/2023 | Henry's Parts and Equipment

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