Razor Sharp Lineup

For customers familiar with Ariens lawn products, the sight of a bright orange mower draws an immediate connection to quality craftsmanship. That reputation, builtthrough the brand’s 90 years, has a strong influence over homeowners’ purchasing decisions — if the product makes sense for the yard size.

The all-new Ariens RAZOR.Ariens has long offered a wide range of zero-turn models for larger yards, but for the 80% of homeowners with lots smaller than 1 acre, the excitement of bringing home part of the brand’s 90-year legacy wasn’t possible until now. With the reintroduction of the RAZOR, a series of 21-inch walk- behind mowers, Ariens expands to yards of all sizes everywhere.

“We're excited to be back in the ‘walk’ business,” said Andy Massignan, director of product for the residential market at AriensCo. “Our 21-inch walk mowers were designed by the AriensCo team from the ground up, using every bit of knowledge to create a premium product for those who may never need to step up to a zero-turn mower.”

That design experience is on full display in the feature- driven versatility and thoughtful touchpoints across RAZOR’s four- model lineup. Comfort grips on the front-wheel-drive model eliminate pinch points and reduce hand tension, and grips on all models’ height-of-cut adjusters allow users to quickly and easily change cutting height from one inch to four inches.

Buyers also have an option for REFLEX speed control technology, a self-propelled feature that matches the speed of the operator.

“REFLEX integrates the drive controls into the handlebar,” Massignan said. “All the user needs to do is grab the handlebar and start walking to make the mower drive forward. It’s part of a combination of features that helps our customers take the work out of yard work.”

REFLEX speed control technology is a self-propelled feature that matches the operator's speed.RAZOR also has options for vertical storage that takes up less space, dual-blade technology that atomizes clippings into fine mulch and ball- bearing wheels for durable, easy maneuverability. Standard features include a three-in-one design that gives users the choice to bag clippings, mulch or rear-discharge. They also have Briggs & Stratton engines and a strong 5.5-inch-deep steel deck that promotes a strong airflow to lift, cut and discharge grass evenly and leave a smooth, carpet-like finish. Class-leading three- or four-year warranties round out the offering.

“Features and attractive styling are great selling points, but our focus is on how those elements influence the user experience and performance,” Massignan said. “We’re here to help our customers accomplish an objective, and that’s crafting a beautiful outdoor living space to enjoy with your friends, family and neighbors. The RAZOR does that in less time and with less effort.”

By Aaron Abler

06/01/2023 | Razor Sharp Lineup

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