Reviving a Legend

Inspired by a 1969 Ariens vintage lawn mower model, the Ariens team has resurrected a classic 60s design to create the new IKON Limited lawn mower. While its design screams vintage, this special edition mower is built for the most demanding of today’s modern residential customers.  

“We designed this mower to offer the most comfort available for a residential lawn mower. We also honor the authentic heritage of the Ariens brand with a truly unique design that integrates both modern and classic,” said Andy Massignan, director of product, residential, at AriensCo. “We sought inspiration from our museum and found a 1969 Ariens Emperor model that we emulate with the IKON Limited. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime mower.”  

To maximize the classic 60s vibes, the Ariens team implemented a series of eye-catching design details. It features a traditional two-tone orange and grey custom paint scheme, classic Ariens logo script and gear badge, mid-century pinstriping detail on the deck, Ariens crown on the chassis, trim-side deck bumper, grey metal belt covers and grey wheels. With all the nitty-gritty design elements implemented, riders will certainly feel a connection to Ariens’ rich heritage.  

The IKON Limited isn’t just striking in appearance, it is a powerful residential zero-turn mower that can conquer the most demanding landscaping projects. It’s powered by a Kawasaki FR691V V-Twin engine that generates a blade tip speed of 18,000 feet per minute. The deep, 52” deck and fully welded tubular steel frame provide superior strength and stability while delivering maximum airflow in challenging mowing conditions for consistent, professional cut quality. In addition, metal belt covers, a trim side deck bumper and 11” x 6” front tires ensure the mower performs at a class-leading level.  

The IKON Limited is also designed to be a comfortable ride. Some of the operator comfort features include the addition of oversized foam grips, taller seats, seat isolation for operator comfort, rubber floor mats and seat slides for easy adjustment. All these comfort features enable an operator to feel less fatigued and allow for a more enjoyable mowing experience. It also features 13 cutting positions with the turn of a dial, enabling the operator to adjust the deck height from 1.5-inches to 4.5-inches in 0.25-inch increments.  

The IKON Limited is only available through Ariens dealers and a limited number will be built. Prospective buyers are urged to contact an Ariens dealer and reserve their mower today. 

09/01/2022 | Reviving a Legend

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