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Out Working is a magazine dedicated to covering the outdoor power equipment industry and the people who make their living in it. Through honest, thoughtful stories, we’ll introduce you to some of the industry’s best equipment dealers and landscapers, highlight business best practices, report on industry trends and share company happenings. With more than 100 years of experience in this industry, you can count on our expert team of writers to bring you a unique look at current issues. We know it can be hard to stay up to date when you’re out working. We’re out working the competition to make sure you’re informed.

Stephen Ariens
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

Stephen has been learning about outdoor power equipment buyers since he began attending trade shows and industry events at the age of 12. His first job at Ariens Company involved cleaning overgrown ditches when he was 16. Following several seasons working in snow blower assembly during high school and college, he completed lean manufacturing internships in both Brillion and Countax (England). Stephen earned a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of St. Thomas, and has attended several international leadership and business summits to enhance his education. Following graduation, he gained hands-on experience in building social brands and understanding fan loyalty during an 18-month digital marketing internship at the Green Bay Packers. For the last several years, Stephen has been working in digital marketing and brand marketing at Ariens Company. In these roles he has been involved with building brand presence across the nation – launching a redesigned Ariens.com, Gravely.com and working to develop the national advertising program, and launching Brillion Power Equipment as a marketing concept store.


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Stephen Ariens

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