Ariens APEX® Limited Edition celebrates 90 years of unrivaled expertise

Oct. 18, 2023 – BRILLION, Wis. – The Ariens® APEX® Limited Edition zero-turn mower is the perfect combination of distinct styling and premium features. Crafted to celebrate the outdoor power equipment manufacturer’s 90th anniversary, the company’s unrivaled expertise is on full display. 

“We wanted to design a machine to honor our past, etch our present and chart our future,” said AriensCo Residential Product Director Andy Massignan. “The vision and execution of this machine is unique. Every single detail mattered to the point of obsession. The result is a one-of-a-kind mower ready to impress the next generations of property owners.” 

It begins with its paint scheme and graphics – no other mower on the market makes as bold a statement in design. Most Ariens lawn mowers are decked out in a traditional and instantly recognizable orange color — that trademark orange is still represented in this edition; however, it appears as an accent to a predominantly white and black color scheme.

Premium graphics also set this mower apart from the crowd. An Ariens 90th anniversary badge seals the mower firmly in 2023. Perhaps its most striking feature is the engineering drawings sprawled across the mower’s front-facing decals and printing on the seat in the form of intricate line work.

“The engineering graphics give a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes. It represents the people who create the products and the blueprint that leads to creating the real thing,” said Julia Degregory, an industrial designer at AriensCo. 

But this mower didn’t stop with its good looks. Its craftsmanship continues with a ton of performance and comfort features that leave a meticulous cut and make it a joy to drive. Features include:
  • Aggressive Rear Tires – Large 22 x 12 x 12-inch rear tires with deep, aggressive tread keeps you moving smoothly and confidently on all surfaces.
  • Limited Edition Seat with Integrated Seat Isolation – Indulge in comfort and style with our limited edition upgraded wider seat with its bolstered padding, high-back cushions, and arm rests for extra comfort and security. A set of vibration absorbing dampers are integrated to soften bumps and engine vibration to create a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  • Rubber Floor Mat – Provides more secure footing, vibration dampening, and cushioning comfort while out on the mow.
  • Lighting Kit – Bright dual lighting makes sure you can see and be seen as the sun sets.
  • USB Port with Phone Storage – Standard 5V USB A/C port delivers power for your phone or other accessories. Phones of all sizes will be secure in the APEX Limited Edition’s storage area
  • Ariens ENVY™ Elite Cutting System – A commercial-style deck that is 5-1/2 inches deep to optimize airflow and quality of cut. It’s constructed from 10-gauge steel for durability.

“The APEX Limited Edition is being really well received ,” said Residential Product Manager Carmen Van Schyndel. “Our social media has been blowing up with comments about the look of the mower, especially the tires and custom graphics. People are loving the comfort features like the seat and the floor mat, which are great additions to our already awesome APEX machine.

Homeowners can join the celebration of the Ariens legacy with a mower that’s been 90 years in the making. It is available now.

“At its core, the APEX Limited Edition is a machine for everyone for everyday use, capable of handling the punishment from a large property,” said Senior Vice President of Product Engineering and Marketing Matt Medden. “We’re producing a limited quantity for a limited amount of time. Buy yours while you still can!”

The limited run of the APEX Limited Edition is a once-in-a-lifetime offer and only available at participating Ariens dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. The Ariens APEX Limited Edition was designed, fabricated, and assembled at AriensCo in Brillion, Wisconsin. For more information, visit APEX Series Zero Turn Lawn Mower or to find a dealer near you.

Photos, video and additional details are available in the APEX Limited Edition Media Kit.


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Based in Brillion, Wisconsin, AriensCo is a privately-owned manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for both consumer and commercial markets. Established in 1933, the company manufactures equipment under the Ariens®, Gravely®, RapidCare®, Henry’s Parts and Service®, and AS-Motor® brand names. It also established AriensCo Hospitality in 2020 with two luxury event venues, Stone Prairie, and Round Lake Farms. It opened Ariens Nordic Center December 2022. These venues are part of the mission to create reasons to visit the Brillion community. Visit for more information.