Brillion Early Learning Center

Brillion Early Learning Center, a partnership with Brillion Works and operated by KinderCare Education, provides an accredited, whole-child STEM curriculum that builds social, emotional, and academic skills for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. KinderCare Education is the largest provider of early education and childcare in the U.S., employing professional, naturally gifted teachers who love helping kids learn, play, and grow. 

Quality Childcare at a Discount

Children and grandchildren of AriensCo employees receive priority enrollment plus 50% off tuition at Brillion Early Learning Center. 

There are several reasons to take advantage of this fantastic benefit through AriensCo, including: 

  • 50% off tuition for children and grandchildren of AriensCo employees, available immediately 
  • Tuition includes food, formula, wipes, and diapers  
  • Nutritious snacks and meals that can be tailored to meet unique dietary needs 
  • Enrichment programs such as STEM, cooking, phonics, and music  
  • School-break programs for school-agers during summer, winter, and spring
  • Extended hours for flexible scheduling   
  • AriensCo covers up to two weeks of tuition to accommodate for vacation time 

Learn more about the Brillion Early Learning Center by visiting its website