• Ariens Company to Open Concept Store in Brillion, Wis.

    ​Ariens Company announced it has begun construction on a new concept store in Brillion, Wis., located directly across the highway from its global headquarters. The company purchased the building at 658 W. Ryan Street, and the new store is expected to open in May 2017.

    “The store will be used to demonstrate best-in-class dealership practices, test merchandising concepts that might be offered to our network of dealers, and learn more about overall customer experience,” says Dan Ariens, Chairman and CEO of Ariens Company.

    Ariens Company has partnered with local dealer Mike Buboltz to manage the store as a power equipment dealership. Buboltz is the owner of Hardware Plus, located in downtown Brillion, which has sold Ariens equipment since 2011. The new dealership will be open to the public for sales of Ariens® and Gravely® brand outdoor power equipment and parts sales. Hardware Plus will continue to perform service at its downtown Brillion location.

    “We feel honored that Ariens Company chose us to manage their new concept store,” says Buboltz. “This is a great opportunity for us to partner with the Ariens Company to showcase their world class equipment made right here in Brillion, Wisconsin.”

    This will not be a factory direct store with discounted products and close-out pricing, according to Ariens. This will be an independently-operated dealership with Buboltz managing day-to-day retail activities, while product placement, point-of-sale, and marketing support will come directly from the Ariens Company marketing team.

    The store will assist the company in gathering customer feedback and retail best practices that will benefit the entire Ariens and Gravely dealer base, according to Ariens. The company has more than 1,500 dealers throughout North America who sell lawn, snow and commercial outdoor power equipment. Ariens and Gravely dealers, who make regular visits to Brillion, will have an opportunity to gain insight on the best practice concepts during visits to the store.

    The dealership will include new concepts in store point-of-sale, Ariens Company brand signage and imaging, product display and merchandising concepts for accessories, parts and equipment unique to the outdoor power equipment industry.

    Ariens Company Moves into New 600,000-Square-Foot Distribution Center

    Ariens Company has signed a lease for a 600,000-square-foot building in Kenosha, Wis., for the site of its new distribution center.

    The new Wisconsin facility is a strategically located distribution center for Ariens and consolidates operations the company had throughout the Midwest into a single larger, more modern and more efficient facility. The new Kenosha County facility is a strategic location that will help better serve dealers and customers with improved delivery.

    "Finding the right distribution center is critical to our growth strategy," said Ariens Company Chairman/CEO Dan Ariens. "Even a small improvement in delivery time is important to a customer waiting for a new machine to clear their driveway or keep their lawn under control. And this is a significant upgrade to our previous supply chain network."

    The Ariens Company wholegoods business will use the warehouse as a central hub for distribution of outdoor power equipment as well as parts and accessories. All products manufactured in Brillion and Auburn will move through the facility.

    "We are proud that Ariens selected Kenosha County for the site of its new facility," said Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser. "Companies like Ariens are what have made Wisconsin a manufacturing powerhouse and we are delighted to welcome them to our community."​​​​​

    Gravely Display Added to Ariens Company Museum in Honor of Brand’s 100th Anniversary

    ​Ariens Company has renovated its museum in Brillion, Wis. to include a new display dedicated to the Gravely®​ brand of professional outdoor power equipment, in honor of the 100th anniversary​ of the original “Gravely Motor Plow​” patent awarded in 1916. The newly renovated space includes a 3,000 sq. ft. of display area filled with refurbished vintage equipment, historical wall murals and memorabilia that provide a glimpse into the company’s 100-year history.​

    “It’s important for us to tell the story of this iconic brand and the man who had a vision for improving upon​ the laborious “horse and plow” method of tackling work on the farm at that time,” says Dan Ariens, Chairman and CEO of Ariens Company, producer of the Gravely brand of equipment. “Ben Gravely received more than 60 patents in his lifetime and we continue to honor his legacy of innovation today in the products we design for professional landscape contractors.”

    The central feature of the new display is a replica of the red-brick façade and entryway to the original Gravely factory built in 1922 in Dunbar, W.Va. (photos of both attached). ​Visitors pass through the “plant” door to view several unique items and historical wall murals of the inside of the factory in the early 1900s.​

    On display are several milestone products from the c​​​​​ompany’s history including a working replica of Ben Gravely’s original “Motor Plow” built by local metal artist, Paul Kaufmann of Manitowoc, Wis. (photo attached)

    “We searched but we could not locate an original motor plow,” says Mel Edinger, Museum Curator Extraordinaire, who works with other members of the museum team to track down and purchase vintage equipment. “We were able to get the blueprint from the U.S. Patent Office, and Paul used the print to create a working model.”

    The Gravely Motor Plow quickly gave way to what would become the brand’s signature product for many years, the Gravely Two-Wheel Tractor. Commercial farmers and home gardeners could purchase a number of attachments for the tractor to meet their specific needs, making two-wheel tractor one of the most versatile and compact machines in the history of outdoor power equipment. Over the course of many years, more than 40 attachments were offered for the tractor, including tillers, cultivators, sickle mowers, reel mowers, snowthrowers, chainsaws, brushes, roofing scrapers, post hole diggers, and dozer blades.

    Other Gravely products on display in the museum include:

    • Several models of the Gravely two-wheel tractor (1937-2004) and the many attachments that fit the machine.
    • Gravely Clean Cut mower (1960); the first attempt at a Gravely riding mower.
    • Gravely Westchester mower (1964); an out-front mower produced as part of Studebaker Packard Corp.
    • GMT 9000 tractor (1977); the first Gravely commercial four-wheel tractor for grounds maintenance.

    Ariens Company acquired the company in 1982. Prior to the acquisition, the ownership of the Gravely brand changed hands several times over its history. Studebaker Packard Corp., McGraw Edison, and Cooper Industries, all managed the Gravely brand at one time.

    The Ariens Company Museum opened in 2003 and is staffed by Ariens Company retirees who organize displays, refurbish vintage equipment and serve as tour guides. The Museum, including the new Gravely display, is open to the public upon request. Visit www.ariensco.com for more information, or to schedule a visit.

    Ariens Company Introduces New Logo for Ariens® Brand

    Ariens Company launched a new logo for the Ariens® brand of outdoor power equipment this week. The Ariens brand, which has existed for more than 80 years, represents premiu​​m, durable, snow and lawn and garden equipment.

    The new brand mark blends the company's history with a new, modern look. The Ariens gear has been used by the company for decades, on both equipment and in corporate marks, and has now been incorporated into the brand once again. The gear was included as part the brand mark to put history and legacy at the forefront of the brand conversation.

    While the gear stands for where the company has been, the redesigned Ariens font is bold, crisp and prominent. The new look can be described as modern, yet timeless, and represents the company's future of innovation and advancement.

    "The logo marks the beginning of new chapter of innovation that will carry our iconic brand into the future," said Ariens Company Chairman/CEO Dan Ariens. "We have an exciting few years ahead of us as we rebrand and introduce some new and innovative equipment to the marketplace."   

    ​​As part of the launch, Ariens introduced two variations of the logo – a primary, vertically-stacked version and a secondary, horizontally-aligned version. The placement of the gear and the text is reminiscent of the Gravely® logo format, which was introduced in 2014.

    "By aligning the overall look of the two logos, the brands are now more closely related from a visual standpoint and can be easily recognized as being a part of the same parent company," Ariens said.

    The new logo will be introduced initially on Ariens snow product, the first of which will be seen in Ariens dealerships, The Home Depot® and True Value® stores starting this summer. Lawn and garden equipment will have the new logo beginning in Fall 2016. The first look at the new lawn and garden lineup will take place at GIE + Expo 2016 in Louisville, Ky. ​

    To learn more about the new Ariens logo, please visit ariens.com/logo.   

    Ariens Featured in December Issue of Wisconsin Snowmobile News

    In a throwback to the 1970s, the Ariens Arrow snowmobile was featured in the December 2015 issue of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs' (AWSC) Wisconsin Snowmobile News magazine. 

    In the article, author Pat Bo​urgeois summarizes how Ariens entered the snowmobile business with the Arrow in 1969 before removing the snowmobile f​rom its product​​ lineup in 1973. 

    During that time period, there were two models of the Arrow. The advertisements below from 1970 show the 400SS, which was built for competition, and the 400L, which was marketed toward families.

    You can read about the on ​ page 30 of the magazine online.


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