Trading $1 for $44

Why email marketing is the choice tool for generating sales for your business.

Welcome to Out Working’s latest Digital Focus column. Each issue features tips for boosting your digital marketing presence and reaching your customers where they are reading. In this edition, we provide an overview on the value of email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending promotional, product-related and content-centric messages from your business to your potential customers on an email list.

The return is real

On average, every dollar spent on email marketing returns $44. That is 174 percent more conversions (purchases generated from online sales) than social media.

Email marketing is inexpensive

Take your pick from numerous email marketing platforms available today. Depending on the service, the volume of your subscriber lists and the number of emails you send per month, it could even be free. But other than a possible subscription fee, you are bypassing other more expensive options, such as television, billboard, radio or print ads.

Email marketing is effective

It is a great way to keep your customer base informed. Do you have new products coming into your store or a promotion coming up? Tell your subscribers about it with an email that includes a message, product suggestion and a call to action, like visiting your store or website for more information.

Email marketing is personal

Email marketing platforms enable you to craft personal messages to your customers. It provides the ability for you to group subscribers into categories based on their purchasing habits and send tailored content and advertisements that resonate with them.

Your manufacturers might even do it for you

Leverage email marketing efforts from the brands sold in your stores. For example, Ariens and Gravely dealers can subscribe their customers who visit the store to the Ariens and Gravely emails. That way, AriensCo does all the work, handles all the expense and pushes customers to your stores for you.

If you want to start generating email marketing campaigns, explore various email marketing platforms like Constant Contact or MailChimp. To help attract more customers to your store, ask your customers to sign up for Ariens emails and sign up for Gravely emails.

05/09/2019 | Trading $1 for $44

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