Why You Should Care About Your Google Search Listing

We present seven tips for improving your company's internet search results.

Welcome to Out Working’s latest Digital Focus column. Each issue we feature tips for boosting your digital marketing presence and reaching your customers where they are reading. In this edition, we present seven tips for improving your company’s internet search results.


  1. GET PEOPLE IN THE DOOR. Create and claim business listings on Google My Business (GMB), as well as Bing Places and Apple Maps. Consider leveraging tools like Waze to drive traffic to your dealership with paid seasonal promotions.
  2. GET FOUND ON LOCAL SEARCH. Monitor and update your listings to ensure your dealership appears in search results with an accurate description, correct hours, services offered and images. When consumers search for your business or one similar in your area, you want consumers to get a quick, accurate snapshot of your business.
  3. OBTAIN MORE REVIEWS. Reviews get your dealership higher on the local listings on Google. Customers are more trusting of other peoples’ experiences, especially good ones. Be sure to respond to reviews and encourage negative discussion offline.
  4. SCHEDULE POSTS Businesses have the option with GMB to post on the profile page with dealership updates and news. Share your latest offers through photos, videos or simple text.
  5. LET ANALYTICS GUIDE YOUR CONTENT. Access detailed reports and analytics insights on what GMB brings to your business. Track calls, website visits and how often people click to find directions to your location.
  6. GENERATE QUALITY CONTENT Google wants to see you as an authority in your niche. The more relevant the content is to the search, the better your rankings. And the more people see you as a resource, the more loyal they will be to your business.
  7. OPTIMIZE CONTENT AND VARY PLATFORMS.‚Äč Differentiate your business and highlight what makes your business better than the competition. Write authoritative content that answers a question via blogs, “How-to Guides,” videos, etc. Create content that solves a problem or resolves a pain point.

By Natalie Nelson

01/02/2019 | Why You Should Care About Your Google Search Listing

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