• Core American values have guided Ariens Company throughout its history. In 1998, President Dan Ariens took on the task of defining those values. These are the beliefs that inspired Henry Ariens and his sons in the early years of the company and will continue to define the Ariens culture in the future.

    Ariens 15 Management Principles

    The 15 Principles of the Ariens Management System are based on the technique of lean manufacturing which is driven by a culture of continuous improvement. They are the standard work of Ariens Company management.

    Ariens Company is a performance-driven company. Continuous improvement and waste elimination are incorporated into every employee’s job and each of the company’s business processes. Living the Ariens Company vision, “Passionate People. Astounded Customers,” requires that employees press on to exceedingly higher performance levels and develop a culture of leaders at every level.


    1. Core Values
      Ariens culture is built upon our Core Values and the pursuit of our vision to astound customers. Ariens Core Values:
      • Be honest
      • Be fair
      • Keep our commitments
      • Respect the individual
      • Encourage intellectual curiosity
    2. Long-Term
      Base management decisions on a long-term vision, even at the expense of short-term financial goals.

    3. Leaders
      Effective leaders develop the individuals around them. The continuous improvement of people is vital to our growth as an organization. 

    4. Technology
      Use reliable, thoroughly-tested technology that serves our customers, processes and people.
    5. People

    6. Development
      We choose to develop exceptional people and build teams that embrace the Ariens Company culture and vision.

    7. Learn
      Continuous improvement requires a learning organization that thinks strategically in pursuit of perfection.

    8. Quality
      Start with robust design. Stop to fix problems to get quality right the first time.
    9. Process

    10. Flow
      The right process will produce the right results.

    11. Pull
      Use pull replenishment systems to avoid overproduction.

    12. Level Load
      Level out the workload (Heijunka). Work like the tortoise, not the hare.

    13. Standard Work
      Standardized tasks are the foundation for continuous improvement and employee empowerment.

    14. Visual
      Use visual control so problems are not hidden and flow is easily understood.

    15. Supply Chain
      Respect our extended network of supplier partners by challenging their practices and helping them improve.

    16. Just Get Dirty
      Go and see for yourself to thoroughly understand the situation. Continuously solving problems drives improvement and organizational learning.

    17. Think
      Make decisions with the involvement of many people. Thoroughly consider all options and implement decisions rapidly.

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